Publication of the first issue of the French Yearbook of Public Law


The first issue of the French Yearbook of Public Law is now available free of charge at

It contains a selection of English-language articles on the legal challenges posed by global warming, as well as columns on current legal issues in various European countries.

Professor Philippe Cossalter, Chair of French Public Law, is a member of the Yearbook’s steering committee. He also contributed a column on France (together with Jean-Bernard Auby) and a column on Germany (together with Maria Kordeva, research associate at the Chair of French Public Law) to the first issue of the review.

The Yearbook is intended to present a French perspective on current and perennial challenges in public law to a worldwide audience, and thus to contribute to the international influence of French public law.

As the name suggests, the Yearbook will be published annually.

Yearbook Editorial Charter