Together with Dr. Maria Kordeva, I have published a chronicle on german administrative law in the renowned journal “Droit administratif” [Administrative Law].

We have chosen decisions that provide an in-depth look at a technical issue of German administrative law or administrative litigation. The decisions chosen also illustrate a number of social issues of our time. The Federal Administrative Court’s ruling of 13 April 2021 on the protection of personal information post mortem is also an opportunity to discuss the rules of unity of administrative case law (IIA). The Federal Administrative Court’s ruling of 27 January 2021 deals with Sunday rest in the face of Amazon’s productivity requirements (IIB). The ruling of 26 February 2021 establishes that there is no right to compensation for damage suffered by public authorities as a result of the excessive length of legal proceedings. The situation of German public bodies with regard to the protection of fundamental rights can be the subject of a fruitful comparison with French law (IIC). Finally, the judgment of 28 October 2021 deals with the public information status of messages exchanged on social networks, in this case Twitter, which is currently in the news (IID).

The in-depth presentation of these four rulings is preceded by a section on the latest developments in German administrative law (particularly legislation and academic writings) (I).