Dr Didier Girard, Senior Lecturer at SciencesPo Paris and Scientific Collaborator at the Chair of French Public Law will give a lecture on 27 October 2016 on the topic: “Primary elections in the French presidential election”. Thursday 27 October 2016, 5 p.m., Salle Pierre Voirin of the Faculty of Law of Saarland University.

AFFICHE_GIRARDPresentation by the author: “The organisation of the French political system is original in many respects. The Fifth Republic combines a formally parliamentary system with the election of a Head of State with important prerogatives by direct universal suffrage. This subtle balance, which has already been modified by the introduction of the five-year term, is now being seriously challenged by the introduction of “primaries”.
In addition to presenting the rules for organising primaries and the difficulties involved, this conference will examine the impact of this development on the presidential election and the institutions of the Republic.