First Administrative Law Talks

Friday 8 May at 4 pm

On Zoom and only on individual registration

Participation is free of charge.

Registration limited to 100 participants on the registration form.

Certificate of participation issued to lawyers for continuing education purposes

The Chair of French Public Law at Saarland University and the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Metz are planning to launch the first “Administrative Law Talks” in the first half of 2020. These meetings, which are in principle monthly, should allow for a very informal exchange of views on current events in French and comparative administrative law, before an audience of lawyers, students, academics and practitioners.

The first meeting was to take place in April 2020 in the large halls of the Metz town hall.

The state of health emergency made it impossible to organise this first meeting. It will take place in a dematerialised way on Zoom, on Friday 8 May from 16:00 to 17:30.

Pierre Tifine, Professor of Public Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law in Metz and

Philippe Cossalter, Professor of Public Law and Director of the Franco-German Legal Centre

Will present some current issues of French administrative law during 1h30.

An exchange with the participants will be welcome.

Individual registrations are possible by means of an online form.

Lawyers may request a certificate of participation in the form, which will be issued in the days following the event, once their participation has been confirmed.

First Administrative Law Talks